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Question: Is a peanut a true nut?
Answer: Peanuts are the seeds of legume fruits.
Question: Is an acorn a true nut?
Answer: An acorn is a true nut because it is a dry hard fruit that never opens to release its single seed.
Question: Walnuts are true nuts.
Answer: Walnuts are the seeds of drupe fruits.
Question: Pecans are true nuts.
Answer: Pecans are the seeds of drupe fruits.
Question: Chestnuts are true nuts.
Answer: As dry hard fruits that never open, chestnuts are true nuts.
Question: Are Brazil nuts true nuts?
Answer: Brazil nuts are the seeds from a capsule fruit.
Question: Are pistachios true nuts?
Answer: Pistachios are hard-shelled drupes.
Question: A coconut is a true nut.
Answer: A coconut is a one-seeded drupe.
Question: Hazelnuts are true nuts.
Answer: Hazelnuts come from a hard indehiscent fruit with a single seed.
Question: Are almonds true nuts?
Answer: Almonds are dry drupes.
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